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General Election 2024

Our in-depth reporting, hot takes and more as the election battle played out - from Westminster to the North of England with our team and contributors.

Labour defies exit poll in Teesside general election fightback
By Jamie Lopez


Climate and environment dominated our coverage, with everything from investigations to inquiries into how - and whether - we see the world around us. 

Do you suffer from plant blindness?
By Jon Moses

Spotlight on the alt-right

2023 was also the year when the far-right came out of the woodwork and into the respectable column pages, political conferences and the Cabinet Office. We were there to track it all. 

Douglas Murray & Co are no allies of Jews
By Dimi Reider

Housing will be one of the key battlegrounds of the new elections. We were there to document how hopelessly mangled and difficult it has become after 14 year of Tory governance. 

The next housing crisis: Shared ownership
By Hannah Fearn

Culture is our escape - and culture also brings us right back to what confounds us, making us look at it again with fresh eyes. From Venice to Margate and from film to theatre, we've covered real gems this year. 

Venice Biennale: Walking through a radical, global, infectious revolution
By Dimi Reider