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Join us for the launch of The Bolton Lead

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January 24 2024, 09.04am

The Bolton Lead launches tomorrow (January 25). Together with our key Bolton contributor Kevin Gopal - erstwhile editor of Big Issue North - and other writers, here’s a taste of what we will be bringing you in the coming weeks. 

  • The Bolton teachers forced to feed their own students - because the kids are too hungry to concentrate
  • A look at Levelling Up funding and what progress has been made - from the Market Place renovation to Le Mans Crescent
  • Bolton's unique place in the Covid pandemic - the government decisions that impacted Bolton and the army of volunteers who stepped in
  • The abuse of our bus drivers - from those who face it and those who try to prevent it 

Every Thursday, you will receive an in-depth feature or investigation along with our recommendations for things to do in the next seven days, and things written elsewhere about Bolton that we think are worth your time.


Kevin says: "I’m pleased to be contributing some pieces to this exciting new publishing venture.

"Bolton is a distinctive, proud town and this is the chance to offer it some in-depth journalism to complement existing coverage of the town.

"I grew up close to Bolton and went to school in the town and I know the area well from my youth, but it was also on the patch of many regional magazines I’ve worked for. While no one would shy away from the problems it’s faced in recent years it’s also got much to celebrate and hopefully we’ll be doing justice to both those aspects."

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