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Join us for the launch of The Blackpool Lead

The Blackpool Lead launches on Thursday (January 11) with the first edition landing in inboxes as part of The Lead's northern expansion

January 11 2024, 11.29am

The Blackpool Lead launches today (January 11) and we want you to be a part of it. 

Over the coming weeks we will scrutinise, investigate and inform on the big issues across your town. 

With Blackpool being the most famous seaside resort in the country, we know that much of the journalism here is focused on the bright lights, the illuminations and the things that make people travel to visit. We’re here to talk about the issues that affect people who live in Blackpool.

Together with our key Blackpool journalist Antonia Charlesworth Stack, and others, here’s a taste of what we will be reporting on:

  • A visit to a Warm Hub to examine its place in the community, including speaking to those people who use and value them, and what caused them to be necessary.
  • Speaking with a Blackpool woman trying to deal with mould in her property - and what happens when that problem doesn't get resolved.
  • A look at the arts scene in Blackpool.
  • Reclaim Blackpool and the issues women face with nightlife culture.

We also have the matter of a potential by-election on the horizon after the recommended suspension of Blackpool South MP Scott Benton. 

Every Thursday you will receive an in-depth feature or investigation, along with our recommendations for things to do in the next seven days, and things written elsewhere about Blackpool that we think are worth your time.


Antonia said: “There’s a huge appetite for quality, in depth local journalism in Blackpool where residents are tired of national coverage that is preoccupied with attention grabbing headlines about the challenges the town faces.

“There needs to be more nuanced and sensitive reporting about the town and from people on the ground here. At the same time, we want to highlight the many positive and inspiring things that are happening here. 

“The opportunity to share stories about my hometown and hopefully contribute to  renewing people’s trust in journalism is incredibly exciting.”

Ed Walker, editor of The Lead North, said: “Local journalism is vitally important for communities and it is evident from the scale of local digital audiences that local outlets currently enjoy the appetite for discovering what’s happening locally is very much alive.

“We’re bringing our brand of local journalism to Blackpool and we are working with existing local journalists and outlets to help embolden their local digital storytelling too.”

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